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"RACIAL HEALING: A Safe Place to Talk About Race- 10 Thought Provoking Interviews"
By Sharon E Davis
Host of the VoiceAmerica radio show, "A Safe Place to Talk About Race"

Some of the most respected luminaries share what we need to dig our way out of this ditch of racism today. Do you have the background and capacity to confidently lead on this subject? Thanks to the feedback from some of our VoiceAmerica listeners, topics include:
  • Leadership
  • LGBT
  • Education
  • Hate-Groups
  • Asian-America
  • Arab-America
  • Opening New Chapters
  • ALL America, and so much more
This book breaks the 'DON'T TALK RULE' and addresses questions and comments such as:
  • How did this person become a hate-group member?
  • Are Asian-Americans really quiet on racism?
  • I think you have some Black running through your viens.
  • Did LGBT groups hack the civil rights movement of the '60s?
  • Do Black and Brown people hold themselves down? Must People of Color 'act and try to look White' to get ahead?
  • Why does Metro Detroit have the largest population of Arabs/Chaldeans in the U.S.?
  • Do White males choose to be privileged?
  • Must educators first reduce racism to raise K-12 test scores?
  • What happens in 35 years that will make our lives easy or hard in the U.S. on race matters?
  • What did the 2 descendants of Plessy vs. Ferguson do when they first met? Did "Separate but Equal" still take the day?
If you're looking for an INTERACTIVE LEARNING TOOL (with MP3 shows free online) to help cut through the noise of news headlines, this easy to read book is geared for business, classes, book clubs, families, friends and community organizations to learn together. Individuals can also privately absorb and connect.

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